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Woodland roads and trails that are both functional and beautiful

Woodland road with crushed gravel surface.   Unsurfaced woodland road 10 feet wide.   Newly constructed, 4' wide trail made by Eco Systems' innovative trail building machine.


Restoration of abandoned fields

Large bulldozer used for major field restoration Restored hilltop pasture.  Rocky outcrops and uneven terrain were covered by fill removed from the construction of a large pond.


Mulching of dense woodland undergrowth
for fire hazard reduction and improved aesthetics

Thick undergrowth prior to cutting and mulching

Woodlands choked with brush can become open and parklike where the best trees have room to grow.

Woodland after undergrowth has been cut and mulched by Eco Systems, newly designed machine.


Invisible outlet ponds that fit with the land

Ponds are designed to fit with and enhance the natural environment.   Land surrounding ponds is contoured to make the land more productive and beautiful without appearing engineered.   Care is often taken to site and construct ponds with minimal disturbance to surrounding trees.


Woodland and farm bridges ~ that are sturdy and attractive

A stone retaining wall leading up to an elevated stone bridge   Looking through a stone bridge.   Concrete and steel bridge with wooden deck designed to handle high volumes of heavy trucks.


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