Where We Are Located In Vermont
Look at these photos and you will see why the health and vitality of our trees and forests is so important to us.

The home and the office from which I telecommute is the small dot at the upper edge of the snowy field in the center of this photo. While to most observers the forests look healthy and beautiful from afar, a practiced eye can now see serious problems even from a distance.
Photo by Gerry Hawkes ~ March 24, 2001



Left ~ A closer look at the log home and office we built into the side of a mountain in 1978-79 using red spruce trees that were dying from air pollution just a few hundred meters away. To lessen the footprint on the land and to reduce energy needs, almost half of this 2800 sq. foot house is underground. photo taken Feburary, 2001
Right ~ Despite the fact that the office is in the basement, the front is all glass and looks out on this view.
photo taken April 2000

As you can see, this is a perfect location to observe the trees through the seasons and over the years.


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