Growing Tips of Norway Spruce Littering the Snow
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Recently fallen new growth of Norway spruce littering newly fallen snow.
photo by Gerry Hawkes - December 1997


This photo was taken in December 1997 only 3 days after a moderate snow storm. New growth that had fallen prior to and during the snow storm is covered by the snow. There were no high winds over the three days plus this stand was sheltered. There was no evidence that squirrels caused any of the damage.

I have observed abnormal dropping new growth on many Norway Spruce (Picea abies) since the summer of 1996. This follows many years of observing steadily thinning crowns associated with premature dropping of individual needles.

- Gerry Hawkes



Close up view of the current year's growing tips from Norway Spruce (Picea abies) on the surface of the snow. Individual needles can also be seen.

No squirrel or wind damage was noted.

The cumulative effects of air pollution is the most logical explanation for this alarming phenomenon that has been preceded by years of thinning foliage and declining tree vigor.

photo by Gerry Hawkes - December 1997

Norway Spruce that suffered heavy losses of growing tips in one year have not been observed suffering heavy losses of new growth in subsequent years.


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